Selecting Your Gala Venue

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2022

Selecting the right venue for your fundraising gala is extremely important. 

The venue of choice sets the tone for the entire evening. Whether you are looking for a laid-back casual experience or a formal option, the venue can help achieve the desired goal. 

The venue location can also determine the work you will need to do on your end to execute the event. Hotel ballrooms are a preferred option if you have a small staff working to pull this off. Hotels provide the meal, set the tables, and contract with AV companies to ensure the event is well run. Many times, they also have access to items like easels, welcome tables and decor that you can use for free.

Special event venues outside of the hotel industry can make for a very unique and exquisite evening. If you are selecting one of those types of locations, be aware that you will need to contract with all vendors separately to include table and chair rentals. You will also be responsible for every single part of the set up. If you have a large volunteer team, this is certainly doable!

A few venue ideas that should be considered are a waterfront restaurant with a large private room, hotel with a rooftop option, boat showroom at a marina, refurbished barn, museum, yacht, or a local theater. You could even consider a large airplane hangar! Everything is an option. 

Here is the bottom line. Every venue I mentioned can make for a successful event. Your venue should be determined based on the staff and volunteer size that you have available. 

So get out there and start planning! Once you have your entertainment and venue booked, everything else will fall into place. 


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