The Power of a Gift

Think back to the last time you received a gift that you weren't expecting. It was a fun surprise... right? That gift not only made you smile, but also made you appreciate the giver that much more. 

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, but it can have a lasting impact. 

What does it take to find that perfect gift?

1. First, can you match that gift to event? I had an event where Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson was the guest speaker. Our VIP gift was a signed duck call. That is what it looks like to match the gift to the event. 

2. If a good matching gift is not an option, then consider something that shows the recipient is appreciated, something useful is ideal. For a VIP situation, do not go cheap. Custom stationary and embroidered turkish towels are both examples of quality gifts that work well for a gala. On the flipside, grandparents love things that they can reuse. Take time to know your audience and what they really want. 

3. Packaging is incredibly important. The package is the first impression and what really indicates value. A good package can give the impression that the gift is actually more valuable than it really is. Uline has quite a few affordably priced gift box ideas. 

For a few more gift ideas, click here


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