For many of us, there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done we need to.

Sure! Making your class more fun is ideal but there are many other more pressing tasks that must come first.

I get it! This is where we can help.

What if I were to tell you we can make your class interactive for you?

You give us the content and we will turn it into a really cool, interactive presentation. We can even take your content and create a unique, online, interactive textbook for your students.

There are so many options! Whether you would like to create a presentation, training, or interactive textbook... we can help.

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Do you want more than a slide template? Are you ready to make your entire textbook an interactive learning experience?

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No Upfront Costs

You provide us with your content and ideas and we will turn it into an interactive PowerPoint presentation. Schedule a demo today.

Earn Money for Your Classroom

Once 200 of your students have purchased your custom, interactive curriculum, you will earn 5% cash back.

Make Learning Fun

Interactive presentations engage students by helping them focus as they follow the navigation. Request to see a demo lesson above, to get started!

Always Up-To-Date

A dedicated team member will proof your course each semester for accuracy and relevance.

It can be hard to keep up with the changes to the industry and we will be here to make that part of your job... easier.

Education is changing and textbooks have to change with it.

Give your students more than words on a page. Bring their lessons to life through a textbook that will include videos, buttons to click, fun stories and more. Interactivity will engage your students, encourage them to actually use their textbook, and increase student retention.

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  • Turn your current course curriculum and lessons into an interactive textbook
  • Give your students an interactive experience that requires $0 in curriculum development costs
  • Boost engagement and retention
  • Make your content easier to understand in an online platform
  • Built in review questions in each lesson solidifies the student's knowledge
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Requests are filled in the order they are submitted. If you are interested, it is best to go through a demo so you can hold a spot in the development queue. Since there is no cost to the teacher, these spots fill up fast.